• Gas sensing technologies

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Sensing Ltd – gas sensing technologies

Sensing Ltd. – gas sensing technologies – is one of the leading experts in gas control technologies. Our specialty is gas sensors for the marine industry, as well as their applications and application criteria.

The company’s expertise in the field is known and recognized in the Finnish industry and in numerous export projects and we can offer over 30 years experience and expertise from safety devices.


Offer knowledgeable and innovative gas control and safety technology to the Finnish industry and to export projects.


Widely known and appreciated vendor in the gas control technology, whose operations and success are based on customer-specific integrated solutions, technological and operational innovation and high skills and client-focused interaction.


Quality, customers, service, trust, joint work, transparency, accountability and continuous development.

Environmental values

We are committed to complying with environmental regulations, minimizing the impact on the environment and taking into account the environmental impact of our service processes, as well as complying with the requirements of laws and regulations in our operations.


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