In 2010, Sensing Oy expanded its business to the Mobile Sensing Technologies sector. The new functions focus on the design and implementation of the Mobile Sensing service concept, with contextual digital services and solutions that help with social media solutions in public spaces and events.

Led by Peter Gréen, the Mobile Sensing Team has more than 20 years of experience in context aware mobile services.

The Mobile Sensing team is a special design and production unit that focuses on the analysis, visualization and use of real-time digital sensory data, e.g. in marketing events and directing marketing activities to target groups.

The “products” in our service package are built on the adaptation of existing applications and can be customized to the specific needs of customers.

We ensure that our customers have access to the best and most suitable applications.

Let’s look to the future and see what we can achieve together.

DOOH by Mobile Sensing

Digital Out Of Home, or Digital Outdoor Advertising, plays an important role in Mobile Sensing's service offering. We design and produce / implement interactive concepts with our network for outdoor advertising, for example for the use of various digital business sensors in marketing campaigns and event marketing. We have been involved in planning and implementing several dynamic and interactive DOOH concepts, such as Clear Channel Finland Oy's outdoor advertising campaigns.

Good examples of motion sensor applications are cases where the sensors are on mobile devices, other wearable devices, or installed in surrounding elements and environments.

Internet of Things solutions and Big Data also act as real-time sensory information when connected to context.

Digital health motion Sensing Rehaboo exercise games

Mobile Sensing is involved as a partner and partner in the Rehaboo Oy start-up company.

Rehaboo Oy's business idea is based on a personal story, the purpose of which is to help people of all ages to take into account the importance of movement and activation exercise.

The innovative activity game consists of a player who acts as a game controller with motion detection and where the identification is done with standard cameras using cloud-based artificial intelligence. The movements are based on physiotherapy exercises and a few minutes of daily play energizes players.

The game is perfect for work breaks, physiotherapeutic rehabilitations or even measurements between family members. The results are measurable achievements and thus genuine competition can encourage more diverse exercises.

Events and events

Mobile Sensing is a strong expert in digital advertising and marketing.

We have been an annual planner and implementer of the NordicMade community arrangements for events. In addition, we have been involved in the planning and implementation of several other technology startup events in Finland and around the world.

Our service package includes travel arrangements, accommodation, meals, admission tickets to selected events and joint demonstration events. A testament to the successful camp arrangements is that the same people are participating in these trips over and over again.

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